Common Build Failure WEIGHT LIMIT EXCEEDED BY 50%

If you have just had tiles installed on plasterboard, before there is an issue, you should check to see if everything is up to specifications.

The allowed MAXIMUM weight adhered on Gib’s 10mm Aqualine is 20kg per m2. Tile trends are almost always of the larger formats and with adhesive, weights exceed 30kgs per m2.

It is absurd in the Gib Publication Book it states “Most ceramic and porcelain tiles weigh less than 20kg/m2” This has not been the case for the past decade.

Gib are not the ones installing the tiles so it falls back to the tiler to ensure the substrate is suitable.

The problem there is either “Ignorance is bliss” or no voice for fear of losing the job to a tiler that doesn’t know or care.

There are simple alternatives to 10mm gib. For more information, please, contact us today.


Tile Weight Guide Table

Tile thickness and type Weight per m²(approx)without adhesive
6mm Ceramic 14.5 kg
8mm Ceramic 18 kg
10mm Ceramic 21 kg
12mm Ceramic 24 kg
8mm Porcelain 20 kg
10mm Porcelain 24 kg
12mm Porcelain 28 kg
10mm Natural stone 31 kg
12mm Natural stone 36.5 kg
20mm Natural stone 58 kg

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