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Regal Tiling Ltd has made a commitment to minimize or eliminate all adverse impacts that our activities may have on the environment.

We have started this by aligning and working with product manufacturing companies with the
same or positive outlook.

The products we use belong to LEED. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the
most widely known international reference for sustainable building in the world.

We are continuously increasing employee awareness, understanding and involvement in
environmental issues through communication and training.

We aim to minimize waste generation and maximize recycling opportunities. Ensuring
something simple like putting tile off-cuts in a hard-fill skip rather than a waste skip means
off-cuts can be recycled.

We comply with all applicable legal and other requirements including resource consents relating
to environmental aspects of our work. We continue to use innovative ways to improve our environmental performance.

By developing, documenting, implementing, improving and maintaining a responsible
environmental management system we promote environmental awareness and responsibility
among our customers, sub-contractors and suppliers

We are committed to this on a daily basis for future of our family