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Epoxy grout

Epoxy grout has a smooth final surface with low water absorption, therefore easy to clean; ensures hygiene, excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, has excellent durability, becomes very hard and is highly resistant to heavy traffic, no shrinkage, therefore absence of cracks and fissures, uniform colours that are resistant to ultra-violet rays and atmospheric agents.

This grout is that good we are now using it more than the old cement based grouts.

Regal Tiling is a big supporter and user of epoxy grouts. The use of this product separates the true professional tilers from the cowboys. The cowboys don’t like to read product instructions, and mix then install it their way, which leads to failures. Then blame the product for when it goes wrong. It’s the classic cowboy way that is common with the unregulated tiling industry.

Simply following the manufacturers instructions regarding mixing and installing epoxy grout, then success will follow.

The install of epoxy grout means you’ll have VERY easy to clean grout. Making tiles with epoxy one of the best looking, easiest to clean, hygienic, hard wearing and long lasting surfaces.

An application with cement based grout may need cleaned and sealed ever few years. This cost adds up making epoxy a wise choice.

Companies that specialize in grout cleaning would struggle for work if only epoxy grouts were being used.

Make the wise choice when choosing which grout to use between tiles!