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Tiles create fantastic colour, pattern and effect, and there is now an extraordinarily wide range of styles, textures, shapes and sizes available. A tiled space no longer has to be neutral and plain; tiles can be used to create a focal point in a room – and not just the kitchen or your bathrooms. Tiles are now on-trend for living spaces and bedrooms, too.

Tiles are a decorative finish that will look good for many years to come, simple to keep clean making them a great choice.

Don’t be shy about using tiles to create a dramatic wall or floor covering in all your living spaces. They will look great in seating and dining areas, and bedrooms. If you’re more used to choosing paint or wallpaper, it may feel like enough of a statement for you to use tiles on a wall that’s not part of a kitchen or bathroom. If so, it’s best to go for the beautiful dark, neutral shades. You can create interest by choosing a gloss finish and using a combination of tile formats.

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