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A splashback is designed to protect the wall behind a sink from splashes by providing a waterproof barrier between the wall and the sink. But it can also be a feature, bringing a splash of colour, different tile patterns or installation styles to make an area pop!

Splashbacks can be made from a variety of materials including glass, plastic or metal, but in most cases bathrooms will feature a tiled splashback. The advantages are, they’re affordadable(compared with glass and metal) and more variety with endless options for tile colours and sizes.

At Regal Tiling we also recommend using Epoxy resin grout instead of regular cement based grout on tiled splashbacks. Epoxy is stain resistant and is impervious. For more information on epoxy grout visit here 
An article about epoxy vs cement grout
Regal Tiling have completed a large number of tiled splashbacks in Christchurch. We have tiled mostly residential kitchen splashbacks but every now and then, a commercial kitchen splashback is thrown our way.
Commercial splashbacks should always have epoxy grout for hygiene reasons. Never ever should corners be cut and cement based grout installed. Cement grout will become an issue over time and be harder to fix later on. Cement based sealers are not a solution. They have their limits and require an on going application every few years generally.
If you need commercial tiling in a kitchen completed, do your research, be wise about choosing a tiling company to execute the work and choose tile layers who have a proven track record with epoxy grout.
Below are a few examples of splashbacks we have completed in the past.