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Standards are a technical specification or practice to be used as a guideline for the standard production of a product, or the carrying out of a process, such as testing or providing a service.

A Standard Publication is a document that are collective works, with committees working to produce publications that meet the needs and demands of society at large. These committees can consist of representatives and experts from all organizations with a vested interest in the subject the standard pertains to.

Standards are not generally used as law or to impose regulations; but are rather designed to be used voluntarily to help manufacturers, users and consumers.

Tiling standards cover
Tiling standards cover

However, some laws or legal regulations do make compliance with Standards compulsory.

Here is a list but not limited too some Standards and publications that are relevant to Floor and Wall Tiling

Tile Production

  • EN 14411
  • ISO 10545
  • ISO 13006

Slip resistance (coefficient of friction)

  • NZS/AS 3661
  • AS 4586

Waterproofing/testing membranes and applying


  • EN 12004
  • AS 2358
  • ISO 13007


  • EN 13888
  • ISO 13007

Fixing/Laying Tile

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